The Target Difference

There is a very simple reason why most small business websites do not work. That reason is either a web coder or designer creates most websites. Web coders and designers know little to nothing about marketing.

At Target Web Design we have an amazing team of award winning coders and designers who work under and alongside some of America’s top marketers. As talented as these folks are they are not in charge of our website process.

At Target Web Design marketing people supervise all our web projects. These marketing and sales pros understand how to increase traffic, engage customers, and make you money.

The sad fact is allowing a creative or a technical person to quarterback your web project is like allowing the person who paints or puts a motor in a race car drive in the race…they are simply NOT capable.

Are you happy with your current website? Are you speaking to another company? Then ask yourself or them the following questions.

Are they a web coder or developer? If yes what type of marketing experience do they have?

How are you going to create a home and other pages that function in the same way a magazine cover does?

What are their plans on installing a powerful “ Call to Action” on the site? Do they even know what it means?

How will they craft a powerful message on your About Us page?

What are the sites goals? What steps will they take to force your visitors to do what you both want and need them to do?

Can they identify the errors on your current site that is costing you money? And then can they fix those problems?

Call us today and learn what the “Target Difference” truly is. See how we can create a marketing-driven website like no web designer or coder could ever build for you.